virtual offices

We offer our clients the benefits of a Virtual Office

Let us say that you may not require or are uncertain that you need an office every day of the month - try the Virtual Office.  We offer four levels of pricing, depending on your needs for the office environment.  While you are utilizing your part-time office, you have full access to all the amenities we have.

You can appear "larger than life"!  We can offer additional telephone numbers with your desired local area codes and local telephone directory listings in those areas.  Your business stationary and business card may read your prestigious Merritt Island address with satellite offices in your chosen cities.

  • Level #1 - $99  Mailbox Plus - Project a professional image with a Class "A" office as your mailing address
  • Level #2 - $149  Telephone Answering - Your calls are handled by our team with your dedicated telephone number and customized greeting.
  • Level #3 - $199  Virtual Office - A prestigious business address with a local telephone number and our professional call handling.  You also receive two days per month in a private office with a 48-hour advance notice.
  • Level #4 - $299 Virtual Office Plus - A business address with call handling and 5 days of a private office usage.


  • Level #1 - $199 - 5 days per month of a private office each with 48-hour notice
  • Level #2 - $299 - 10 days per month of a private office